Release Notes V8.19.2.1
ilCore (ilCore)
*Fixed a possible crash when Importing avi files in the Cam and Trophy modules.
*Fix for access violation when previewing the styles in setup on the styles tab.
*Fixed the aspect ratio in acquisition save dialog (when leaving acquisition module) for newly created stamps.
*Issues solved when multiple links (OLE connections) were made to our software and 1 link was closed. This could trigger random issues like an 'Access Violation' with the OLeMacroDelete macro.
Optimize (ilmodOptimize.dll)
*Fix for issue when right clicking on the filter button in the core and selecting a custom made optimize, this wasn't applied on the image.
XRayPlanmeca (ilmodXRayPlanmeca.dll)
+Fix for division by zero error after image acquisition with a PROLINE ETH DIMAX 2/DIMAX 3 PAN Device.
Cosmetic (ilmodCosmetic.dll)
*When the image library was shown in the module and the exit was clicked, there was a possible "Invalid window handle" message displayed.
XRayTrophy (ilmodXRayTrophy.dll)
+Fixed an issue that the camera movies where not correctly imported.
XRayDigora (ilmodXRayDigora.dll)
+In the Digora module you have now the possibility to manualy select the installed device.
*Fixed manual selection of devices in the menu.
*With the Cranex D (Digora), The software will no longer crash when advanced filter is checked in the setup of the Digora interface.
CT (ilmodCT.dll)
*CT slices in the GUID format that are imported or taken in the Owandy and Carestream module where not viewable. These slices need to be corrected manually. please contact us if you have such a case.
XRay VDDS (ilmodXRayVdds.dll)
+fixed screen updating after exiting the module and setting MAKEMMOS to 0 when calling the VDDS_PIM.exe.
ilModImageAnalytics (ilmodImageAnalytics.dll)
+Fixed an issue where the Caries Detection stopped working beginning of 2019 or on some random date.
ilaxImageLibR2 (axImageLibR2.dll)
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ilaxImageLibR2 (axImageLibR2.dll)
+Fixed an issue that the image in the original location was not deleted while moving an image to the global folder. The notification center will also give no error anymore.
+The indication of the active folder was sometimes not visible.
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