Release Notes V8.20.3.16
ilCore (ilCore)
+Speedup patient switch core.
+Size of caries indicators are now independent of image resolution
*Fix for access violation when annotations are showing and going to full screen and back.
*In some cases a plugin was called several times and some variables were destroyed, leading to access violations. This is solved.
*Fix for previous annotations tabs not selected correctly after selection of other annotation tab and then e.g. applying contrast-brightness
*Fix for wrong SOP_INSTANCE_UID (illegal char) when storing 3D slices to PACS server, resulting in problem retrieving the images back from the server.
*Fix for coordinates of the annotation panel not updated in desktop file, resulting in annotation panel not loaded in new position
*Fix for png icons selected in bridge module missing in button bar after going to full screen, or disabling and enabling the button bar.
*Fix for command line not switching patient anymore.
*Fix for removing/adding rooms in the setup form (agenda) and displaying them in the agenda.
*The annotation button is now active when an implant is added.
*Fixed issues with annotations (measurements not working anymore)
*Fix for new annotation method (annotation button only toggles annotations visible/not visible). Full screen navigation buttons left/right didn't work anymore.
DirImport (ilmodDirImport.dll)
+Fixed issue : Directory import blocked user interface when browsing through folders with a lot of files.
+Fixed issue for user interface blocking when processing large folder in directory import module.
Salvage (ilmodSalvage.dll)
*When the salvage module is presented, a crash could occure when clicking on salvage.
StatusFullScreen (ilmodStatusFullScreen.dll)
*Changing the templates was broken due to other fix for rendering a lot of images on 1 status. Fixed this.
*Fixed issue status full screen whit lot of images. When hovering over images, sometimes an error "can not allocate dib handle" occured.
XRayMorita (ilmodXRayMorita.dll)
+Added Device code for the GBE100 => R100 device. R100 will be recognized in filter screen.
XRaySirona (ilmodXRaySirona.dll)
+Added sirona SLIDA sdk implementation + fixed only patient name filled.
Bridge (ilmodBridge.dll)
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Bridge (ilmodBridge.dll)
+Facad preset and icon added to bridge module
XRayDigora (ilmodXRayDigora.dll)
*Kavo scan exam was not working in the Kavo OEM mode. This device is a digora optime rebranded.
DicomNet (ilDicomNet.exe)
*Fix for kV, mA and ms not send correctly to PACS when decimal seperator is comma
XRayVatech (ilmodXRayVatech.dll)
+Trident Gold Sensor implemented + fix for AnySensor (new method) deviceID (is used to do optimize per device)
+Add extra settings for the PaX-i3D Green devices (new implementation)
Cam (ilmodCam.dll)
+Added option to also monitor sub directories of the location where the images are synchronized from the card to a folder. This because some 3rd party synchronization software always puts files in subdirs, grouped and ordered by eg. Month.
XRay VDDS (ilmodXRayVdds.dll)
*The name and last name was not split like the bridge module resulting in concatinated patient names in e.g. iDixel.
*Fixed issue for module not beeing compliant with the iDixel VDDS integration.
Dicom Print (ilmodDicomPrint.dll)
*Fix for folder box (treeview) not visible in the image library
*Fix for possible wrong date of birth when processing command line.
*Fix issue practitioner not printed on image when using filter to print text.
XRayTrident (ilmodXRayTrident.dll)
+Added calibration values for the 2D pan
ilModImageAnalytics (ilmodImageAnalytics.dll)
+Changed error warning in message center to warning message when caries detection dll's are not installed on pc and caries detection is enabled on the license key.
modXRayBAEImagingSystems (ilmodXRayBAEImagingSystems.dll)
+Implemented new BAE imaging systems sensor
ilaxImageLibR2 (axImageLibR2.dll)
*Fix for annotation indicator not refreshed after saving annotations + newly added filter lines should only be saved when save button is clicked in main screen, not when annotations are saved.
ilaxViewPort (ilaxViewPort.dll)
*Fix for access violation when in ROI mode and caries detection is applied.
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illibNotificationCenter (ilLibNotificationCenter.dll)
*Added error trapping for possible error when message was sent to no notification center.
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